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swedish jewelry design

natural - clean - elegant

Handmade jewelry
with swedish blue stone

Scandinavian design Natural, clean and elegant.

Every Piece is Unique

We cut every stone by hand, the reason for that is the unique structure and colors in the stone.  For us it's like making a sculpture, take away all the unnecessary part of the stone to create a unic and beautiful image in it .

The Swedish blue stone named Bergslagssten in sweden. The stone emerges from a Materia you only can find in medieval foundry ruins in Bergslagen, Sweden. The color shades are determined by remainders mineral of the old rock, and international name Swedish Blue reference to the blue color of Sweden


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swedish blue jewelry

our story

our story


It all began after a longer stay in Provence, in southern France. There I became fascinated by the beautiful colors along the Azur coast. The fantastic blue color inspired me to use it in combination with silver, which looks beautiful together and that become the foundation of my design. After some thinking about what stones I wanted in my jewelry I decided for Larimar and Blue Turquoise. It was these stones, with their beautiful colors, which best recreated the vision I had received. When I had decided, I sat on the flight to Tucson in the United States to visit the world's largest stone fair. It is the only fair with a large selection of stones, to good quality, all at the same place and at the same time.


I made my trip and well there I bought Larimar and Turquoise, but ... I have not used them for my jewelry. At the fair I met a Swedish couple who showed me some incredibly beautiful blue stones. Swedish Blue, or in Swedish Bergslagsten. I had seen these stones earlier, but not as beautiful as they now showed to me. It was like the world appeared in the beautiful rocks, they also reminded me of blue summer sky from my childhood in Skövde, Sweden.

When you fall in love, nobody else exists. My love for this beautiful stone, which surpasses all that I saw earlier, brought me back to Sweden. It has been a long trip to where I am now, from the time the Swedish couple show me the stones to the finish silver jewelry we now present.


I hope you will love them like I do!




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